Werewolf steve rogers x reader

Steve Rogers x Reader ~ I know I'm a wolf Warning: Abuse and more in the text below Note: I already say sorry for all the hearts I'm going to break with this story ;) Tip: Listen to the matching song "I know I'm a wolf" by Young Heretics Life is short. There is no time to leave important words unsaid...

Originally posted by mcufam. Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader Summary: Steve drives like a maniac.A hot maniac. Word Count: 3k Warnings: Smut, so no minors over here pls. Unprotected sex (wrap the gift before you give it), slight fingering, car sex (but not while driving because we ain’t about that life). Stevie - Steve Rogers x Reader Sumarie: After Civil War, Steve Rogers went MIA, leaving the love of his life behind. A great threat to the universe brought them back.. Infinity war spoilers. After two...
Flower Shop - Steve Rogers x Reader - Based on this request; Please write a Steve or Bucky one-shot where one of them is a business man and the reader works at a flower shop and they always help...

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Under the covers (Steve Rogers) Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader. Warnings: Implies depression so could be triggering. Summary: Steve notices everything. He can always tell how /y/n is feelings. Masterlist. Steve noticed everything about y/n. Even when he was working he would find his eyes flickering over to where she would be.

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Werewolf steve rogers x reader

Movie night (Steve Rogers x reader)Summary: it’s movie night with Steve and he finds out your ticklish. Warnings: none, maybe just a teensy bit of angst If you squint.

Pairing: Steve x Reader . Warnings: Jealous Stevie, Language, smut, Fluff. Prompt: Reader and Steve are close friends that secretely have strong feelings for each other. One day, Steve finds Tony trying to flirt with the Reader and he gets jealous. Reader is an avenger too. A/N: Yep my first smut…Hope you like it. Casual Fridays, they said. Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty Request for Duty And Honor Above All A/N: I hope you wanted it to be a love story. You seemed focused on the reader so… "Meow!" Steve looked down from his paperwork to find a small (h/c) cat at his feet, pawing at his pant leg. "Hello there, pretty thing," he cooed, reaching down to scoop said cat into his arms.
#144: Steve Rogers x Reader Thanks for requesting anon Tag List: @underworldsheiress @canonicaltrash Add yourself to the Tag List Inspired by this prompt from @imaginexmarvel. Yandere!Steve Rogers X Reader Warning: Some NSFW, Dark Themes •When you first met him, you would have never imagined how things would turn out •He was such a gentleman, surely not capable of hurting anyone without justification •You were wrong •Unless you take his ideas of justification into account •"I had to, Doll.

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Originally posted by bluebrooklynkid. MASTER LIST/ REQUEST. PAIRING: Steve Rogers X OC (Reader) WORDCOUNT: 1100-ish WARNINGS: Blood, Cussing, and PDA REQUEST: Can you write a steveXreader where she sees him getting shot accidentally by Tony at the basement while they’re training and even he having a super fast healing, it get’s really serious and Steve end up dying in front of every single ...

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