Smok procolor 225w not turning on

Vaping101 Help with Smok Procolor I recently bought a Smok Procolor 225W. It was great for a while, but lately I've been having a lot of issues with it and I'm not sure what to do about it. For one, it just kinda powers off sometimes. I always make sure to lock it…

Not that I need anything, but don't mind treating myself once in a while. So checking if something comes up for Black Friday or a Xmas gift to myself. I first saw a report on the kit and looked interesting to me. SMOK MAG 225W TC Starter Kit | Includes TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank I'm liking the looks of the mod. The "grip" form looks like it ...
hi, vapers, so if you got the smok vape mod and got the screen could not turn on the problem, here we will let you know how to fix it. so the reason why the screen could not turn on: the firmware got damaged with frequent operations of an abnormal shutdown. 2. vape mod on stealth mode; 3.screen broken

Smok procolor wont turn on unless its charging I bought mi smok procolor kit (verified authentic)and 2 new batteries about a month ago it had be working without a problem but one day at random when I tried to use it in the morning it wouldn't turn.

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Smok procolor 225w not turning on

This Smok Procolor has seven colors in total, including black, green, purple, blue, red, silver and rainbow color. There is an innovative design of shield-shaped LED light on Smok Procolor 225w kit. Through the chipset of the mod, the LED light can be changed into various colors.

The SMOK MAG 225W TC Starter Kit delivers a striking masterpiece with ergonomic implementations, presenting an aggressively designed device integrated with SMOKTech's premiere output chipset to pair with the high-caliber TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank.The structural design of the SMOK Mag 225W TC Box Mod is made with a futuristic control face along the trigger-inspired chassis, streamlined with a ...Smok ProColor firmware? Discussion in 'General Chat' started by neon_sun, Oct 25, ... Seller and Dealer could not get it to function. It would turn on but only thing that would happen is shield would stay a steady color no display (I forget what color maybe Blue i believe) I found a firmware update on Reddit and tried it and now run 1.0.5 ...
May 25, 2017 · In under 90 seconds you will learn how to turn on/off your smok vape and how to lock/unlock your smok vape mod. regardless of whether its the hpriv, alien, al85, g80, g150 etc. I also had one of the other smok mods - the rainbow mod (I think it was an spriv version). THE SAME THING HAPPENED WITH THE SCREWS. I did not drop this, the heat from vaping just wrecks havoc on that thin plastic inside. I now have a Cylon - going to buy another.

Overall, the SMOK Procolor 225w kit is packaged pretty nicely. However, like most other starter kits, batteries do not come included. So basically, make sure you have a pair (2) of 18650 batteries ready… SMOK Procolor Look & Feel. As you might already be able to tell, the SMOK Procolor mod looks amazing!

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