Shtle enfield markings

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The “Y” suffix on the serial number occurs on Ishapore Rifle Factory Mk III* rifles manufactured between 1946-1980+ (Skennerton’s The Lee-Enfield, pp. 558-9). The crown and GRI marks narrow the manufacture date to between 1946 and roughly 1951. The “FR” is an Ishapore marking for a weapon that received a factory repair. Military Surplus Firearms for Sale in Canada: Lee Enfield Ishapore Sporter in 303 British. ... rifle, sale, shtle, smle, sporter, surplus, used, WW2 ...
The pattern 17 Enfield being the continued production of this rifle in the US by Remington and Winchester after America's entry into WWI in 1917, chambered in 30-06 caliber, the same as the US 1903 Springfield. If your rifle is an SMLE NoI Mk111*, then it's a British Lee Enfield, not one of the US made pattern's of either 13 or 17 designation.

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If anyone has knowledge about the potential military history of this rifle after seeing some of the markings, please let me know. So, here is what I have gathered so far: Make: Lee-Enfield, Year: 1917, Model: SHT Mk III* (but partially converted back), Sn: 24183, Receiver: SSA. And immediately it gets fuzzy.

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Shtle enfield markings

LEE ENFIELD NO,4 MK2 WOOD STOCK SET - $286.99. Note: the wood set shown that you are bidding on is the wood set that you will get if you are the buyer! In other words what is shown is the actual wood that you will be getting. No Surprises! PLease make sure that You have the correct model Enfield for the wood. Due to the problems with people trying to modify this to fit the MK111 rifles and ...

British Enfield No.1 SMLE Mark 1* **. Marked Crown over E.R. (Edwardius Rex, King Edward VII 1901-1910), LSA Co (London Small Arms Company), 1905, ShtLE MK1* **. Stock shortened, otherwise excellent condition, wood and blue. One very small area of very light pitting (less than one half inch square).
The Pattern 1914 Enfield and M1917 Enfield rifles are based on the Enfield-designed P1913, itself a Mauser 98 derivative and not based on the Lee action, and are not part of the Lee–Enfield family of rifles, although they are frequently assumed to be.

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Some time back I picked up a 1926 Lithgow Enfield SMLE that my boss had brought back from an estate sale. Whoever owned all these military surplus rifles he brought back really loved them because they were beautifully kept. So I didn't mind picking this one up. It's not in great shape, the barrel is somewhat pitted, but it isn't horrible.

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