Reload 1 switch in a stack

Aug 14, 2009 · reload slot n – where n = the switch number also, I have encountered a situation where you are unable to upgrade the stack to a different feature set, despite setting the boot variable: boot sys switch 5 flash:/c3750-advipservicesk9-mz.122-44.SE6.bin and reloading the individual switch. it still comes back as a version mismatch: Switch Ports ...

Nov 12, 2015 · no switch 1 provision ws-c2960xr-48ts-i 4. switch 1 provision ws-c2960xr-48fps-i. 5. Write memory, reload stack without switch 1 present 5. Rack switch 1 and connect the stack cords and power cable 6. Once switch 1 boots up and is loaded, it should join the stack as a "sub" switch and switch 2 will remain the
Sep 28, 2016 · By RayL (Post author) on 27 September, 2017. Thanks for the comment. This command works with 3750 switch, cisco ios version 15. I was wondering what ios version you were using.

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Symptom: The member switches in a 3850 stack may reboot due to loss of communication with the active/standby switch. Reset reason as seen in member switch system-report - hap_sup_reset: Reason Code:[4] Reset Reason:Reset/Reload requested by [stack-manager].

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Reload 1 switch in a stack

Using the CLI to reboot the stack you would use the command # reload. You can add the number of the switch into the command to reload specific stack members. # reload 1, # reload 2.

Mar 23, 2010 · If you are adding or removing a switch from the stack, it is very important that the switch is turned OFF. The rest of the stack can keep doing its business. For adding a switch to the stack follow these steps: Step 1) On the new switch give the global command: switch stack-member-number provision type . Type is the type of switch you are ...
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