No sound from radio or turn signals

When you hit your car's turn signal stalk and that little arrow flashes at you on the dash, you always hear a rhythmic clicking sound in sync with that flashing arrow. Here's what that is.

This is a mystery, i am at my wits end with this sound system. I turn the radio on and there is no sound, i have cycled through all the modes and checked if fuses 9 and 12 are blown but they are in good nick. Radio come on you can turn up volume, track station and use other functions but no sound. There seems to be a general consensus out there that it is the amplifier, but where is this ...
Radio works but no sound in my 2010 f150 the a. C. Quit working at the same time. Jason from United States 2 years ago . JA. ... Ford F-150 2004 F-150 132000 miles. Windshield wiper Turn signal Sound system Radio Stereo Noise... Whether the radio is on or off anytime an electrical accessory is used, such as the wiper motor, turn signal, brake ...I had the same thing happen to my Harley radio found out the board cracked inside the case of the radio and gave it intermittent sound so if you use the speaker switch sometime that rerouted the signal briefly. The solution is to send it to Iron Cross Audio the will fix the problem.

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Mar 29, 2006 ยท If there's still no sound, make sure that a bad horn is indeed the problem by running a jumper wire directly to the battery terminals. If one horn is defunct, replace it. Generally, the horn will...

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No sound from radio or turn signals

When I started my car this morning, a loud high pitched noise came through the speakers. After turning the volume all the way down and turning off the AC, it stopped. Now there is no output from any of the speakers. No music, and no warning chimes or turn signal sounds. The radio still...

How to fix 2000 focus radio static when using turn signals and braking? sounds like a ground problem to me.. ... how to fix volume on radio the stations are there but no sound
The led turn signals front and back plus the white lights are wired wrong. FYI the black wire is the positive wire and the white wire is the negative wire. This small wiring mistake from the company gave my the biggest headache and cost more lots of extra time and lots of extra material that I had to go on by because I ripped everything apart.

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Radio coming out of speakers randomly! by MadEagle. on ... the speakers suddenly output some radio signal! It actually comes in fairly clear, usually a talk show or a commercial or even music is heard. ... no static. I also heard some audio repeat, I believe the audio could have been on the machine, rather than radio waves.

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