Javascript wait for function to finish promise

A promise is initialized with a function that has resolve and reject statements; Make your async code inside the Promise function resolve when everything happens as desired Otherwise reject; When a resolve is found the.then method will execute for that Promise When a reject is found the .catch will be triggered; Things to bear in mind:

Mar 04, 2018 · Using promise, we can get the value using “then” callback function. In above case, console.log() on line 5 shall be executed before console.log() on line 3. That’s the basic nature of promise. i have a function called opslaanMelding() in this function i insert a div with some text and i WANT to let display none it after 3 secs. i think an other function is refreshing the page so the time out doens't work . any idea to wait for this function to finish and then let him continue? this is my code :
You probably will need to show the code inside GoDoSomeStuff() as there is a high likelihood you are using an ajax (async) call. If so, you either need to arbitrarily wait or use the complete|success function of the ajax call to do your console logs or run a callback function that has your console logs in it. Jan 19, 2016 · Understand promises before you start using async/await ... All Promise.all is doing is grouping them into a single new promise, and waiting for them to both complete. ... {return new Promise ...

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var promise = new Promise(function(resolve, reject) { GetArea(Uname,UIDfield,Table, document.getElementById("Source").value,function(data) { console.log("before callback finishes and before temp is set " + data) //the data passed to the callback looks legit temp = data; //wait for the async function to finish and set a global variable the data ...

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Javascript wait for function to finish promise

I have the following Function in my datacontext of an Angular app. It is being called from the Controller but returns before the array 'alarms' is populated. I need to find a way to return the...

Oct 05, 2017 · The await operator is used to wait for promise. This await operator returns the resolved value of promise and await expression causes the function execution to wait for the promise resolution and to resume the async function execution.When the promise has been resolved and this resolved value saves to result variable.
They're both quite long functions and I don't want to wait for function1 to finish before function2. One workaround I have for now is to have two buttons with separate functions and the first button hides when clicked, so from the user's perspective, they are just double clicking, but I want to extend this to maybe 15 functions.

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I'm new to asynchronous functions, so it's difficult to wrap my head around this. My goal is to wait for the loop to finish all the callbacks before console.log() runs, but I want all the callbacks inside the loop to be asynchronous, so they don't wait for calls to complete one after another, taking way too much time to complete. How would I ...

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