How to repel cats from pooping

One way of cat-proofing your flower beds is to strategically choose the flowers you plant. There are a lot of flowers and plants that act as a natural cat repellent. Cats are very particular about smells, so if you want to know how to keep cats from pooping in the garden, the best way is to Google what smells they can’t stand.

My new dog Milo keeps pooping on my lounge carpet & it's driving me mad. [smilie=013.gif] The problem is he does overnight so i don't know he has done it until i get up in the mornings. He always does it in the same place, so i put down an old rug, thinking that if he did again & the rug then went outside, he would then do it in out on the rug. Cat Repellent & Cat Deterrent Advice. Cats are beautiful animals, but even beautiful animals need to relieve themselves. There's not a lot you can say to your neighbours about their cats going to the toilet on your garden, it's simply in their nature; so if you have a problem you'll need to tackle it head on.
Buy a Spray Repellent (for about $8 - $10 per can). Simply spray the repellent around the area where you want to keep the cat from going to the bathroom. Most of the repellents say they're for dogs, but they work great for cats, too. ... my cat was pooping on my mom and dads bed forna long time finally they put her in an adoption center, my ...

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How do you safely and effectively stop a cat from pooping in your yard? Ask Question Asked 8 years, ... By partial I mean that the cats seem to stop pooping in the places where the system is installed, but move to other "corners" of the garden. ... Do coffee grounds in gardens deter cats? 4.

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How to repel cats from pooping

After all, azaleas and many other favorite garden flowers like baby's breath, nicotiana, and lilies are poisonous to cats, causing symptoms that range from mild gastrointestinal upset to seizures or coma and death, according to the ASPCA. In this case, a healthy application of hot pepper spray can deter cats with its spicy taste and odor.

To try to keep dogs away from your yard, you should consider what you are willing to tolerate or how bad the problem is. If you are sick of dogs coming in and damaging your property, whether your lawn, plants or anything else you keep in your yard, a fence might be the best bet.
Wilko Cat and Dog Repellent Granules 500g contain natural aromatic plant oils to deter cats and dogs from digging, scratching and fouling in gardens and patio areas. Warning:For outdoor use only. Always read instructions before use. No more pooping and peeing: How to keep dogs off your lawn ... Why it's not a good idea to give your cat a saucer of milk One woman's quest to get dog walkers to pick up poop bags

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Last week Barbara wrote about growing plants that cats will love – a delightful way to indulge your favorite pet. However, not everyone has such a positive relationship with cats in the garden. For those of us gardening in urban or suburban areas they can seem more of a nuisance when our specially prepared vegetable beds become the local toilet for the neighborhood felines. Having a row of ...

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