Canyon down meaning

As you journey down the Bright Angel Trail, you descend into rock that is almost 2 billion years old. Starting with the youngest, the Kaibab Limestone at the trailhead, you progress down gentle switchbacks through progressively older rock. The canyon’s steep, vertical walls limit rim-to-river routes.

Take it in the canyon down - a second location and a direction (the canyon is the location, down specifying which location to go to get to said canyon) Not far but too far to walk - a distance to get you to the canyon and an assumption about the method of transport you should use to get there (drive your car)
Canyon The canyon is a place where two mountains (conflicting ideas) come together, representing how you are exploring a transition or a pathway forward. Sometimes this dream comes after meeting conflict in another and suggests the middle ground where resolution is possible.

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Canyon down meaning

All Grand Canyon backcountry users are asked to follow Leave No Trace principles. The goal is to have minimum human impact on the canyon as a result of your trip. Important Leave No Trace principles at Grand Canyon include: Be well prepared. Know the route and area in which you are planning to hike. Good campsites are found, not made.

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The top layer of the Grand Canyon, the Kaibab Limestone, contains many marine fossils which indicate that it originated at the bottom of the sea. This layer is around 250 million years old. Rock layers younger than 250 million years have been eroded away and no longer exist in the immediate vicinity of the Grand Canyon.

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Wedge Road will take you up and down gentle rolling hills decorated in the shrubs and trees of the high desert. When you reach the end of the trail, you’ll find yourself right on the edge of an enormous canyon. Standing hundreds of feet above the canyon floor, the views of the San Rafael River are breathtaking.

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