Avengers x reader soulmate au

Recruitment (Avengers X Reader) Chapter 5 You grunted and held your stomach, feeling it twisting inside of you, the lack of food, being the only thing preventing you from throwing up. A sharp pain in that same spot your hands so desperately clung to made you flinch and cry out.

Read soulmate au » t.s. from the story Avengers x Reader One Shots by Munchkin_America (Livvy 👽) with 4,508 reads. hulk, ironman, spiderman. Tony is your soul... Not A Joke - Soulmate AU! Bucky Barnes x Reader Summary: Soulmate tattoo - Your soulmates birthdays appears on your body. Imagine being a young adult in the year 2017 and having ‘March 10th, 1917’...
Sharing is Caring: Soulmate AU - Steve x Reader x Bucky Soulmate AU where the reason why Steve and Bucky seem so close to each other is because they share the same soulmate. A/N: I also had this soulmate idea pop in.

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Lightning Bolts (Barry Allen x Reader) (Soulmate AU) Originally posted by omgistrue. Barry Allen (The Flash) Summary: This is based off the idea that your soulmate is born with a matching tattoo/birthmark. Word Count: 577. Warnings: Fluff, Barry and his adorable self, with a dash of extra fluff

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Avengers x reader soulmate au

Never Her. Originally posted by inlovewithacriminals. Pairing: Loki x Reader (ft. the Avengers) Content/Warnings: Angst; fluff. Words: 1544. A/N: So my Soulmate AU writing extravaganza begins with Loki, my MCU husband. I’ll probably end up writing these Soulmate AUs to be a little longer. This was a request for @bi-pie67 for 7. Your internal ...

Fate? - Bucky Barnes x Reader (soulmate au) Word Count: 2546 Request: Can we get some Bucky meets his soulmate fluff? Thanks Warnings: F L U F F (with a dash of swearing… just a little bit... Peter Parker x Stark!Reader (Soulmate AU) Requested by: @mega-trash-cringe. This is my first Soulmate AU I’ve done so I was a bit wary but I really hope you enjoy it. Thanks.-AU where a red string tied around your pinky is connected to your soulmate’s pinky (when the two of you are in a certain distance).
Soulmate AU — Everyone has heterochromia, one color is yours and the other is your soulmate (the person knows what colors is theirs and what is their soulmate’s) when soulmates look each other in the eye their eyes become normal. Afternoon — WednesdayThe Avengers and I were walking to the helicopter platform on top of the Stark—I mean Avengers— Tower for some reason. Apparently, Thor ...

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Summary: On your 25th birthday, for twenty four hours, you are allowed to possess your soulmate; a process called The Possession. As you look at the world from their eyes, you find out everything you can about your soulmate so you can locate them when The Possession is over. But you have a slight ...

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